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In the world of sports, keeping score is an essential part of the game. Whether it's a thrilling soccer match or an intense basketball game, the scoreboard is the ultimate source of information for both players and spectators. It helps to create a sense of competition and keeps everyone involved in the game.

Getting ready for game night can be exciting, but keeping score can be a hassle. It can take focus away from the game and can even cause arguments among players. Fortunately, a new app called Bulma Score-keeper can take the stress out of scoring. Here's everything you need to know about this app and how it can benefit your game nights.

What is Bulma Score-keeper?

Bulma Score-keeper is a mobile application that simplifies the process of keeping score on point during game night. Initially released in 2019, this app offers features to help players keep track of scores, customize rules, and personalize game night settings.

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