how much traffic does your website need to start monetization?


by David

Last Updated on: Dec 11, 2024 website visitor tracking Blog, How Much Traffic..

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It's been 9 years since I started software development and I had to make a blog.

And I came into realization by asking myself frequently this question, "How much traffic does a developer need in order to monetize?"

Having all these experiences, I have grown to become a professional and seek for ways on how to benefit from all of my works. My strategies of "making incomes" look entirely different.

A Website developer will at one point or the other be searching for ways for making incomes on his or her works, monetize his/her traffic to get to ones goals and aspirations.

Kindly read and note how many page-views your site needs to have in order to start monetization.

why is your website traffic important to grow your business?

First and foremost, more traffic produces more income for a business.

It would be nice if every visitor that visits the site becomes a customer but one cannot be that lucky to guarantee this.

Apparently, most websites today only have between 1-3% conversion rates from their website traffic.

So let say if 100 visitors see your project page or product page, the odd is likely that 1-3% are giving their money to only you.

Now what happened to the 97-99 percent? Basically clicking away without buying.

However, your website stands as an information hub, clearly showing all things about your experience or company and what value you offer to clients.

If you want others to know your brand, then you have got to let them know what you offer. If they don’t know what you offer on your site which they are not aware of, then they can't buy what you offer.

how to track the traffic while using google analytics website?

web traffic analytics

Above is an illustration of how much traffic needed for your site to generate revenue. Now you must know how much income your website is generating.

To achieve this, use the trusted tool and it's free as long as you sign up to Google Analytics.

By merging your website with Google Analytics, now you have accurate data measuring:

  • Number of users(customers) who visited your site
  • Pages they viewed
  • Bounce rate
  • Session duration

Hence, use this tool to make tracks of the progress.

If you ever notice that your traffic is dropping, you can go ahead and carefully analyze what the issues are in order to arrest the decreasing numbers in your traffic.

Lastly, importantly your long term goal is to make sure that you are being able to drive more traffic on your website to make the revenue coming.

how to track the revenue

This section is going to break down how your site can generate revenue for all of your hard works.

First and foremost, we need to understand some calculations on how this works. We have cost per click (CPC) & click through rate (CTR) to fully understand how this goes.

CPC is how much you get charged for paid advertising. This is the amount that you are paid by the Ad Company you use, the moment someone clicks an Ad on your site.

CTR is a click through rate. This is the percentage rate of visitors that saw and clicked your Ad divided by those who saw it and didn't click.

I am glad knowing these so you can have an idea how it works just by finding out your estimated traffic you need to generate income.

necessary needed to generate revenue from ads

On this section, we decide that at least $3000 a month which eventually comes out as $100 a day for any developer with a site.

Let us say, there are various factors that affect the amount of traffic you will need to generate $100 a day as revenue. In this case, there are some Ad platforms available depending on how much you want to generate a day or fix your site. Let us assume you are using an Ad platform like Adsense to make money.

Below is going to brieftly explain everything you need to know. For instance, you are needing to make $3000 a month and you're using Ad to monetize your site.

Step One

Evaluate how many clicks get you to your goal of generating $100 a day ($3000 a month).

To derive this, you might need to use this equation: money desired / CPC. Let say CPC is $2 for every click.

So, the number of clicks needed to reach is $100 / $2 which gives you 50 clicks.

Step Two

Evaluate the total traffic you need for a $100 a day.

To derive this, you might need to use this equation: number of clicks / CTR. This result is your number of clicks you gain.

Let say CTR is 2 percent(2%) which eventually becomes 0.02.

The total traffic anyone will need per day to generate $100 would be 50 / 0.02, which derives to 2500 users.

Apparently, one need 2500 users a day for a website to generate $100 per day.

Step Three

Find out the total traffic one need to generate per month.

To derive this, you need to use this equation: number of users per day multiply by the number of days in a month.

As a result of consistency, except month of February and other 31-days, let use June 30 days for the number of days in a month. Clearly, you can see the number of users per day comes from the result in step 2.

For instance, the total traffic needed to generate for every 30 days = 2500*30 gives 75000 users to your website per month.

Dont forget, these are estimates and number of traffic needed for your site all depends on the CPC and CTR numbers.


Finally, you now have a better understanding of how traffic works and how much traffic does your website need to generate revenue.

If you need help in ranking on Google and getting future users or customers to visit your site, you can contact me at my youtube.